Licensed Massage Therapist Bios

Alexandra Romanini, Licensed Massage Therapist

Ally is a licensed and certified massage therapist, she currently studying further education in myofascial release techniques, and Infant massage; also she’s in a certification program for reflexology.  She graduated on the honor roll with academic excellence from Heritage College for Massage Therapy. Her plans for the future include instructing infant massage therapy and learning equine massage therapy, while also completing the programs she is currently enrolled in.

Ally has experience in sports massage, relaxation (aka Swedish) massage, deep tissue, neuromuscular, reflexology, hot stone therapy and myofascial release techniques. She went to Kent State studying human resources, anatomy, and physiology before perusing her passion in massage therapy. She chose to study massotherapy because she believed in holistic healing and a holistic life style, she wanted to be able to share what she has learned to help others with a natural approach to healing the mind and body.

Aside from massage therapy, Ally also spends her weekends helping out at the country club which she was employed at throughout her high school and college career as a caterer and wedding bartender. Ally’s down time is spent where she finds her best way to distress-with her horse Kazper. She is avidly involved in show circuits, and advising in her local 4-H club; any other time is spent at home relaxing and making memories with the family and her two puppies.

Ally believes that a natural approach to healing starts with a clear stress free mind, “Everyone needs to take time and relax, to close their eyes, take a deep breath and dedicate an hour to their own personal mental & physical stress free healing time.” She does all she can to help people smile and feel great about themselves!

Beth Rinear, Licensed Massage Therapist

Beth has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 1986. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation and a Master’s Degree in Recreation Management.

She also has experience with pregnancy, infant, deep tissue, and relaxation massage.

She has worked for fourteen years as a Recreational Therapist in the mental health field, specializing in stress management and helping clients lead healthy leisure lifestyles. She has over 30 years of experience as a Health and Wellness coordinator. She offers relaxation, deep tissue, pre-natal, and massage for special conditions such as neck and shoulder pain and tension, back pain, stress and anxiety, fibromyalgia, and more.

Beth’s expertise is being able to individually design a massage based on her client’s needs.

Kathleen DeLeone, Licensed Massage Therapist

Kathleen has been a Massage Therapist for 16 years. Employed by LifeCenter Plus for 15 years, she loves helping people feel better.

Her standard massages consist of a combination between Swedish, sports and trigger point massage. She also works at a local pharmacy as pharmacy technician.

Kathleen has been married for 10 years and has three “awesome” dogs.